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LX SERIES – High-flux LED modules for extreme bright lighting

To offer a great variety of LED modules for luminaire manufacturers, Helvar is pleased to introduce the LX Series, a high lumen output linear module series for extremely bright lighting.   


The highly efficient LX LED modules are available in a flux range between 780 lm and 5950 lm. Each of the three module lengths with Zhaga compliant dimensions comes in three different colour temperatures; warm, neutral and cool white. These product alternatives offer luminaire manufacturers design flexibility with easy installation, addressing a wide range of different lighting application requirements, especially at industrial and commercial environments.

Combining different LX  Series LED module types, lighting fixture manufacturers can create high flux luminaires to provide desired illumination with homogenous light distribution (MacAdam 3 steps). These modules are designed to be used with constant current output type LED drivers, recommended output current ranging between 350 - 700 mA. 


Key features:

Module LX-142 LX-282 LX-562 Recommended Helvar drivers
& accessories
Dimensions 140 x 24 x 6,2 mm 280 x 24 x 6,2 mm 560 x 24 x 6,2 mm LMC Module Covers
Nominal current 450 mA 450 mA 450 mA
Forward voltage * 14.2 V 31.3 V 62.7 V
Power consumption * 6.4 W 14.1 W 28.2 W

Luminous flux *

3000 K: 980 lm
4000 K: 1030 lm
5000 K: 1050 lm
3000 K: 2160 lm
4000 K: 2270 lm
5000 K: 2300 lm
3000 K: 4340 lm
4000 K: 4560 lm
5000 K: 4630 lm
Efficacy * 3000 K: 154 lm/W
4000 K: 161 lm/W
5000 K: 164 lm/W
3000 K: 154 lm/W
4000 K: 161 lm/W
5000 K: 164 lm/W
3000 K: 154 lm/W
4000 K: 161 lm/W
5000 K: 164 lm/W
* at 450 mA, Tc = 65 ◦C






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