Smart Luminaires with iDim Basic

Luminaires with Helvar’s iDim Basic solution provide an easy standalone solution for luminaire based applications. On this page you find a selection of manufacturers with iDim Basic luminaires available.

  • RIEGENS – Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway link to smart luminairrs with selct the weather


Frame is a unique architectural luminaire for high-end office lighting and areas where a significant stylish luminaire is required. The distinctive slim design is characterized by an integrated all-in-one solution using all the benefits of LED.





Riegens A/S
Riegens UK Ltd.
GERMANY, SWEDEN, FINLAND, NORWAY – Riegens Country teams


DISCLAIMER: Please note that the above mentioned are not a comprehensive list of luminaire manufacturers selling this solution. Helvar doesn't take responsibility of reliability of the information on the page, neither on the quality of any 3rd party products. Helvar is not the copyright owner of all content on this page. Please see also our legal notice



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