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Latest LED driver product launches

Helvar has launched several new controllable LED drivers: 45 W compact driver for Tunable White and three new additions to it's filtered hybrid dimming product range.


Full range of filtered hybrid dimming DALI-2 drivers 

In 2017 Helvar introduced LED drivers with filtered hybrid dimming: a technology, that results in stabilized, extremely high-quality light at the lowest dimming levels for even the most demanding applications such as flicker-free camera recording.

Now we are launching three new products to fulfill the series: 10-42 W, 23-80 W and 110 W linear drivers:

Key features:

  LL1x10-42-CR-DA LL1x23-80-CR-DA LL1x110-CR-DA
Max. output power 42 W 80 W 110 W
Output current, adjustable: 120-350 mA 150-350 mA 350-700 mA
Energy efficiency up to 92 % 95 % 95 %
Standby power < 0.5 W 0.3 W < 0.5 W
Control DALI-2 DALI-2 DALI-2
Max Uout 250V 400V 400V
Protection Non-isolated Non-isolated Non-isolated
Current setting LED-Iset LED-Iset LED-Iset
Lifetime up to 100 000 h 100 000 h 100 000 h




45 W Tunable White compact LED driver 

The new compact Tunable White DALI Driver LC45/2-DA-iC offers wide dynamic range of colour temperatures on all dimming levels, using Helvars hybrid dimming technology. The total power can be divided between the two output channels in any proportion. The current output can be set between 500 mA and 900 mA, with a current setting resistor. Match the driver with Tunable White LED modules to create human-centric lighting applications.

Key features

  • Two independent SELV60 rated output channels
  • DALI type 8 software
  • 0.2-100 % stepless dimming per channel
  • 2-100 % dynamic range in colour temperature control
  • External NTC thermal input
  • Switch-Control for intensity and colour control
  • Helvar LED-Iset resistor values (adjusted according to the LEDset specification)










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