Amplitude dimming

Flicker-free amplitude dimming for highest quality LED dimming

When you need absolute zero flickering in your LED lighting, we have the products you need. Helvar DALI-2 drivers with amplitude dimming technology ensure visually flawless, safe LED lighting. 




Helvar amplitude dimming* DALI-2 controllable LED drivers offer the best available technology for dimming the light output in an accurate and flicker-free way. Amplitude dimming implements technique for adjusting the DC supply for the LED modules stably all the way down to 1 %. This means visually flawless light output that does not pose any risk to human eyesight or camera recording applications, and naturally complying with e.g. IEEE 1789-2015 standard about minimizing flicker. Amplitude dimming ensures constant light levels in all situations and lighting environments.

*) also known as Constant Current Reduction, CCR

Amplitude dimming method with DALI-2 LED drivers

Télécharger la fiche technique
Conditions de fonctionnement
  • Plage de tension: 198–264
  • Plage Tension Continue: 176-280
  • Température maxi au point Tc (°C): 80
  • Plage de températures ambiantes: –25 °C .. +50 °C
  • Classe IP: IP20
  • Durée de vie (h): 50 000 (voir plus de détails dans la fiche technique)
  • Puissance maxi en sortie (W): 35
  • Type de sortie: Courant ajustable
Iout 350 850
Uout 25–54 25–42
Modules LED

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