ActiveAhead - Predictive Lighting

Always one step ahead of you

ActiveAhead® is a luminaire based lighting control solution. It brings enhanced comfort and convenience together with energy savings, thanks to its patent pending self-learning algorithm. ActiveAhead is the next step in the Active family building on the success of Active+.





Wirelessly networked ActiveAhead luminaires learn the movement patterns in the space they are installed and use those patterns to adjust the luminaire operations to offer the users an unobtrusive experience. The self-learning, out-of-the-box lighting control solution consists of an LED driver, a control unit and a multi-functional sensor, all built into a luminaire.

Enhanced comfort:  An ActiveAhead luminaire starts learning the moment it is powered up. It is likely that the luminaire has learned the first movement patterns within a couple of hours/days depending on the amount of clear movements in the space. ActiveAhead luminaire learns constantly more about the movement patterns in the space and thus will adapt to the possible changes; such as, a wall installation or removal.

Smart energy savings:  Compared to a simple switched luminaire, ActiveAhead takes comfort to a totally new level while offering substantial energy savings. In addition to increasing the lights in a predictive manner it also dims them down in a smart way depending on the actual movement.

Simple installation:  Luminaires fitted with ActiveAhead are extremely easy to install. Just fix the luminaires to their intended position and switch on the mains. No control wiring, programming or configuration is needed. ActiveAhead is a true plug-and-forget solution.

Experience ActiveAhead

More videos: 

Helvar ActiveAhead installation
Helvar ActiveAhead mobile application


Components needed in each luminaire


ActiveAhead compliant LED driver
Intelligently dimmable LED driver with inbuilt power supply and sensor interface
LC1x25 Active+ 
LC1x35 Active+ 
LL1x23-80 Active+

ActiveAhead control unit
Wireless mesh networking capable control unit with pre-programmed software to self-learn and operate the luminaire accordingly.

ActiveAhead cable
Connects the LED driver to the control Unit
ORDERS: 150 mm (5698), or 300 mm (5699)

ActiveAhead mobiili 001.jpg

Active+ Sense
Extremely small and capable sensor including cable to connect to the control unit.

OptionalActiveAhead mobile app
For optional customisation when fine-tuning parameters and/or grouping is desired.
ActiveAhead Basic App
ActiveAhead Pro App

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