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ILLUSTRIS POWER — feature rich user interface and power supply

Helvar has introduced ILLUSTRIS POWER, an elegant, new, touch-sensitive lighting control solution which is designed for installation into all types of single room application; from boardrooms and meeting rooms, through to open plan offices and show rooms.

The system delivers energy efficient, human centric lighting in an easy to install package that is cost-effective, stylish and intuitive to operate.

“Multiple studies have shown that our emotional well-being, comfort and productivity can be enhanced through the correct control of artificial lighting to mirror our circadian rhythm,” says Pietari Tuomisto, Product Owner, Embedded Products at Helvar. “By manipulating scenes, colour temperatures and intensities, this human centric lighting can ensure the right light for the time of day and to suit different tasks that will energise our space. Thanks to ILLUSTRIS POWER, end users in all types of application can benefit from the performance enhancements of the very latest in lighting control technology.”

ILLUSTRIS POWER with UK back box. Compatible also with DIN and similar backboxes.

Designed with Helvar’s renowned attention to detail and build quality, ILLUSTRIS POWER brings ‘out-of-the-box’, intuitive lighting control to any compatible room without the need for additional programming. It allows users to choose between four pre-set lighting scenes and different light intensities or, alternatively, they can simply rotate a finger on the colour temperature wheel to select the right level for human centric ambient.

Basic programming such as storing and adjusting of lighting scenes is done directly and simply from the panel. Integrated Bluetooth® connectivity gives users the means to control and monitor lighting scenes from anywhere in the room, at any time using a mobile App, SceneSet (iOS and Android). Such flexibility is perfect for stand-alone applications but ILLUSTRIS can also be easily connected into a new or existing Helvar network for larger projects, if required.

The modern, sleek design of ILLUSTRIS POWER makes it the perfect choice for any setting. A choice of three front fasciae provide standard dimmable (DALI Type 6), colour temperature (DALI Type 8) or full colour (DALI Type 8) control. ILLUSTRIS POWER is available in different glass or plastic and black and white finishes and colours to suit different room interiors.

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