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Helvar is the first in the world to launch DALI-2 certified LED driver

Helvar is proud to announce that our filtered hybrid dimming DALI LED driver LL1x80-CR-DA is the first DALI-2 certified product in the world.

Certified DALI-2 standard
Helvar will launch more products and services that meet the DALI-2 standard, representing a major step forwards in Helvar’s development of modern lighting components. Helvar continues to be at the very forefront of this technology, creating customer focused products that enhance the user’s experience of the built environment and reduce costs for property owners.


The DALI-2 standard, the latest version of the IEC 62386 standard for DALI technology, is administered by the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) which certifies that products that carry the DALI-2 logo are compliant with the standard’s protocols. The DiiA, a newly established body which administers the process, is an industry driven non-profit organisation which promotes and supports the use of DALI and is driving further development of the DALI standard. Read more:



Télécharger la fiche technique
Conditions de fonctionnement
  • Plage de tension: 198–264
  • Plage Tension Continue: 176–280
  • Température maxi au point Tc (°C): 85
  • Plage de températures ambiantes: –20 °C ... +50 °C
  • Classe IP: IP20
  • Durée de vie (h): 50 000 (voir plus de détails dans la fiche technique)
  • Puissance maxi en sortie (W): 80
  • Type de sortie: Courant ajustable
Iout 350 700
Uout 50–220 35–114
Modules LED

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