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321 Multisensor — great performance, great design!

Helvar is introducing a new product into the sensor market – the 321 Multisensor. As well as a fresh, attractive design and easy installation, it brings excellent sensing performance and low power consumption.


Key benefits

  • Automatic daylight harvesting for optimum use of natural and artificial light
  • Lights are on when you need them, off when you don’t
  • Energy saving performance

“The new 321 Multisensor is especially suitable for applications where small or slow movements take place for extended periods of time, such as offices or classrooms. Since its detection sensitivity is less dependent on movement direction than that of most PIR sensors fewer units are required to reliably cover a target area,” says Pietari Tuomisto, Product owner at Helvar.

“Daylight harvesting and energy efficiency are right at the top of the agenda for electrical designers, contractors and their clients. The 321 Multisensor embraces Helvar’s design excellence with our understanding of real-world lighting applications to deliver an exceptional product for the market that meets these challenges head on.”


Key Features

  • Constant light sensor for daylight harvesting
  • Presence / absence detection
  • Excellent detection performance through high sensitivity and multidirectional coverage
  • PIR technology
  • 5 mA DALI power consumption
  • Compact and stylish design


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