Select the Weather

Select the Weather Standalone Solution

Select the Weather (StW) is a simple Human Centric Lighting solution with value added functionality. With this solution it is possible to simulate different scenes of the natural outdoor lighting environment by changing the colour temperature and intensity of the lighting. The solution is easy and quick to install without any configuration needed on site.

More information: Human Centric Lighting


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For a fully functioning solution, you need only

  • Helvar Select the Weather panel
  • Helvar Dynamic LED Drivers in the luminaires
  • Helvar iDim Solo DALI power
  • Helvar Ceiling Motion Detector (optional)


The solution is easy and quick to install without any configuration needed on the site.


Solution in the news: New in iC: Select the Weather Solution

135-STWSelect the Weather Panel
  • Product family: iDim
  • DIN back box, UK back box
  • Input options: Push button
Download datasheet
More Information
  • Infrared receiver
  • Out-of-box operation
  • Control of tunable white lighting
Download datasheet
  • Voltage range (V): 198–264
  • DC range (V): 176–280
  • Ambient temperature range: –20 °C .. +50 °C
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Lifetime (h): 50,000 (see more details in datasheet)
  • Max output power (W): 60
  • Output: Adjustable current
Iout 350 700
Uout 25–100 25–85
LED Modules
  • Luminaire classes: I, II
  • Suitable for emergency use
  • Load protection: SELV < 120 V
403iDim Solo (as a power supply)

Used as DALI power supply

  • Compact interface module
  • Compact interface module
  • DALI power supply, 96 mA (total)
311Ceiling PIR Detector (IP40)
  • Product family: Imagine, DIGIDIM
  • Output: Helvar DALI System
  • Mounting: Ceiling
  • Sensors: PIR motion sensor
Download datasheet
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Nominal mounting height (m): 2.8
  • Detection diameter (m): 7
  • Current consumption (mA): 15
  • Ceiling flush-mounted, surface-mounted using SBB-A
  • IP Rating options: IP40

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