Personalised lighting

A solution that allows lighting exactly the way you want it and adapts to your needs and personal preferences, freeDim lets you create your own lighting solution which mimics daylight, saves energy and energises you at the same time.




You create your own preferred lighting scene for your chosen space, which is automatically saved and wirelessly triggered by your smart iOS or Android device.

By automatically detecting the presence of a Bluetooth®-enabled device, the freeDim app can switch on the lights in the room, adjusting to the users personal settings before they enter. This connection will ensure that the lights stay on when occupied, to offer true presence detection. Lighting is automatically switched off after the space is no longer occupied, without the need to rely on a motion sensor, providing additional energy saving.

Free to connect.  Free to control.  Free to own.  Welcome to freeDim.

FD-1101freeDim Master

This wireless controller is the central element in Helvar’s freeDim lighting solution, which provides personalised lighting control. The unit uses the information provided by freeDim Sense to intelligently control lighting levels and cut energy costs.

  • Improved lighting control using DALI Type8 protocol (colour temperature)
  • Capable of increased energy savings through daylight harvesting and presence detection
  • Provides various dynamic lighting sequences and scenes
  • User-defined profiles stored in the unit
Download datasheet
FD-2101freeDim Follower

The freeDim Follower controls additional loads for Helvar’s freeDim lighting control solution for personalised lighting control.

  • Wirelessly controlled by the freeDim Master
  • Up to 10 freeDim Followers can be connected to each freeDim Master
  • Uses the information provided by the freeDim Master to intelligently control lighting levels and cut energy costs
Download datasheet
FD-3101freeDim Sensor
  • Product family: iDim
  • freeDim
  • Mounting: Luminaire
  • Sensors: Light Sensor
Download datasheet
  • Nominal mounting height (m): 3
  • Detection diameter (m): 7.5
  • Light Sensor
  • Luminaire mounted
  • IP Rating options: IP30

Welcome to the freeDim app – our app designed to work with Helvar's freeDim system to give you personalised light and provide you with the optimal lighting conditions for an efficient working day.

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