Helvar creates intuitive and practical mobile applications for Android and iOS


The Active+ Mobile application provides an option to adjust the automatic settings. To use this app you must have an approved smart phone for the application running Android (version 4.0 onwards) or iOS (versiop 8.0 onwards) equipped with an LED flash (list of tested and approved Android phones can be found on the app store description), a luminaire fitted with an Active+ LED driver and the Active+ Sense.

iDim OrbitApp

To complement Helvar's iDim Orbit range, the app is used for quick and easy application specific configuration. It offers a library of ready made application files, custom application files and a 7 day scheduler with 2 different profiles per day


Simple scene recall & modify, Direct connection to the Helvar router via Ethernet/Wi-Fi, or to ILLUSTRIS via Bluetooth, Free to download & use

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