• Product family: Imagine
  • Networks: Ethernet, DALI
  • Integrating to building systems
  • Networkable for large scale systems
  • Universal power supply
  • Built-in real-time clock
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  • Astronomical time scheduling
  • Event scheduling
  • Ethernet I/O communication
  • DALI Emergency Support
  • Ethernet (10/100 MB/s)
  • Amount of DALI devices: 128
  • DALI subnets: 2
  • DALI power supply (mA): 250
  • Power supply rating: 85 VAC – 264 VAC (absolute) 45 Hz – 65 Hz
  • Control circuit protection: 6 A Type C MCB
  • Dimensions: 160 mm × 100 mm × 58 mm
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Helvar's DIGIDIM 905, 910 and Imagine 920 routers offer a building block for commercial, architectural and ArchitainmentTM lighting control. They enable scalable and flexible lighting control systems, and greatly simplify the jobs of installers, systems' integrators and lighting designers.

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