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Tridium IP driver – Niagara 4

Helvar upgrades its Tridium IP driver for the new Niagara 4 platform

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Niagara 4, or N4, is the 4th generation software platform produced on the Niagara framework by Tridium. Our previous driver, the HLC-IPDRV, was hugely successful allowing the Helvar Router System complete scalability as well as the ability to add graphical visualisation and seamless integration onto projects.

N4 hosts a cutting edge user interface helping the user find and visualise data to maximise building efficiency. The introduction of templating and tags should also shorten integration time as well as increase the user experience. 


The new driver, called the HLC-N4R5, carries over the all great features from our previous driver, such as automatic router discovery and DALI feedback and reporting. Combine this with the enhancements N4 brings and the solution enforces Helvar’s position as a leading provider of lighting controls systems.


The new driver licence will be sold in bundles of 5 routers please call your local sales office for pricing.

Icon Click here to download the HLC-N4R5 driver (3.2 MB)


Helvar Niagara 4 compatible driver provides a feature rich graphical user interface and seamless building integration to projects. The Helvar Tridium driver allows connectivity to other building systems and enables a cutting edge user interface with the power of the Niagara platform.

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