Staggering savings for UK's coolest car park

With staggering savings within the first few months of completion, the Charles Street Sheffield Q-Park car park is a great example of the potential that effective lighting control could bring.


The famous building, also known as the ‘cheesegrater’ by locals was voted 3rd place in the World’s ‘Coolest Car Park’ Awards in 2013, beating others from Miami, Vancouver and Melbourne. The building exterior has identical panels angled in various directions giving the structure it’s unique look. The judges said the design turned “a traditional car park shape into a visually striking building”.

The distinctive grey fascia of the car park is finished in angled aluminium panels, painted lime green on the inside. Changing between day and night, the glinting metal panels give different light reflections from their surfaces as daylight fades, transforming the surface. By night, the interior lighting bleeds between each panel and creates an pattern of light and shadow across the surface.


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