Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Studio

Helvar has supplied a sophisticated, human-centric lighting control system to The Leadenhall Building studio of famed international architect Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) to help enhance the office environment, improve comfort and boost performance.

rogers stirk Helvar reference

The Helvar solution is designed to change colour temperature and intensity throughout the day to reflect the natural circadian rhythm.

Iain Ruxton, Associate at Speirs + Major, said that “both RSHP and Speirs + Major were keen to explore the use of colour-temperature tuneable white light in the studio, with the aim of adding a level of physical and psychological comfort to a space where the team often work long hours. The facility to mimic (or to deliberately differ from) the natural circadian cycle of colour temperature is a hot topic in lighting, so the chance to try it out in a fast turnaround project, with innovative architects as clients was a great opportunity.”

Helvar’s advanced lighting control, working in collaboration with RSHP and Speirs + Major, has created an office workspace that is sympathetic to the needs of its employees, and provides an environment that echoes the natural world.

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Studio has been shortlisted for a Lux Award


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