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nightDim energy efficient outdoor lighting

For easy and affordable night time dimming of outdoor spaces which are not in regular use during midnight hours, Helvar’s new nightDim offers huge savings in an innovative and unique standalone solution.


When your outdoor space only requires a minimal amount of lighting throughout night time hours nightDim can automatically dim the lights to 50%.  Helvar’s easy scene set feature enables the scenes to be changed remotely by switching the power on and off in sequences. No additional programming is required, making this an affordable solution with low maintenance costs. The scene setup stays selected until changed.  
By utilising the existing wiring, nightDim is perfect for use on refurbishment projects.  
“It is really amazing how such a simple solution for dimming outdoor lighting can be achieved virtually without any control equipment.” says Måns Paul, Helvar Product Group Manager.
The lacquer coating on Helvar’s nDim LED drivers (1x70w & 1x 20w)  gives them enhanced protection against humidity and damp, improving the suitability for outdoor luminaire use.
Helvar is an international lighting technologies company – serving customers in over 40 countries, specialising in energy efficient components and solutions for lighting and lighting control systems.
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