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nightDim - easy night time savings

nightDim is an innovative and unique standalone solution for easy and affordable night time dimming for outdoor spaces.

Easy scene set. Changing scenes is done easily by a simple mains switch. No programming is needed in installation or maintenance phases.

Perfect for refurbishment. The product uses your existing wiring for both scene setting and operation. No new wiring is needed.


Our first customers have given good feedback on nightDim, e.g.:

It is so easy to change the scenes with nightDim! Normally, to change the lighting scenes, you have to program the luminaires separately. Or you need to go over the line with signals, requiring modulation and demodulation.

With nightDim, you just change the scene by switching the mains button. And the scene will stay there, until I choose the next one. I can set them once in autumn, and come back in spring, and change the scene. No other maintenance is needed.

nightDim is an affordable solution. When no wiring or programming is needed, also the setup and maintenance costs stay on a very low level. The nDim LED drivers have an enhanced protection against humidity, improving the suitability of the drivers for outdoor luminaire use.



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