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New LED modules and module covers

Helvar expands its LED module portfolio with 280 mm linear modules and new module covers.

The high efficacy LT-M282 modules are an addition to Helvar's M series. They enable luminaire designers to design luminaires of various shapes and sizes by combining 280 mm and 560 mm M modules. The M series is available with CCT variants from 3000 to 5000 K, and brightness levels from 800 to 1600 lm.

The new module covers for Helvar's LMC series provide mechanical protection for the LED modules, ideal for non-SELV applications. The covers are available in three lengths: 587 mm, 1147 mm and 1427 mm. In addition, custom lengths can be made to order.

The covers are available in clear, opal and matt opal options, each with high transmission rates.

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