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New in iC: Select the Weather Solution

Complementing the Intelligent Colour (iC) series, Helvar now introduce Select the Weather as a user friendly Human Centric Lighting solution.


Select the Weather is a standalone solution built to support the end-users' freedom to choose their desired lighting from a wall panel. With Helvar's new DALI colour control,  it is possible to simulate range of natural outdoor lighting scenes by changing the colour temperature and intensity of the indoor lighting.


Helvar's solution is easy and quick to install without any on site configuration, due to the intelligence embedded in the drivers. You only need to connect a panel, a DALI power supply, and iC Dynamic drivers in the luminaires to get it working.


For more advanced Human Centric Lighting, Helvar offers also a lighting management solution based on Helvar's routersand Designer software, and Intelligent Colour products, with new and exciting features being added.


Over the coming months, we will provide further updates and functionalities to our Human Centric Lighting solutions.



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