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The New Helvar HQ

The lighting industry is changing and Helvar is embracing the future. On the 6th June 2016 Helvar opened its doors and invited international and local press, along with other business professionals to meet with us and embrace our new way of working. We celebrated the opening with an office warming party by the sea at our new headquarters in Espoo, Finland.


The new Helvar headquarters brings together Finland based employees from Product Management, Research & Development, Sales, Marketing, Technical Support and Customer Service functions into one location from three separate sites. The move creates an improved experience for all employees, thanks to the hi-tech working environment at Keilaranta, and provides easier access for customers visiting. It also enables Helvar to build a closer partnership and collaborate more effectively with nearby Aalto University, Finland’s leading institution, supporting technology, business and the arts.

Helvar’s latest lighting controls technology is an integral feature of the new headquarters. It will empower employees, allowing them to accommodate the different type of spaces and tasks that take place in the facility and use the building as efficiently as possible. These include the capability to utilise informal areas for short discussions and meetings and also to take advantage of excellent mobile connectivity for those who need to work on the go.

“The company is at an exciting point in its growth and a significant part of that future is our developments in wired and wireless lighting control solutions and cloud services. The new head office in Espoo, Finland supports with its enhanced environment new ways of working that allow us to excel in these developments. It will allow us to bring added value to our customers and partners alongside.”  says Lars Hellström, Marketing Director.

Helvar’s intelligent lighting control system for its facility deploys automated solutions which enable the technology to adjust to natural light levels, time of day and the colour temperature needed, pre-programmed or self-learning. Wireless and DALI devices will combine to create versatile and personalised spaces for employees, allowing them to customise the lighting in their own work areas to suit personal preferences.  It  will thus impact positively on emotional well-being, motivation and the productivity of all employees.

For further information on the new Helvar headquarters or details on the company’s expertise and its range of lighting control solutions, please visit 



Helvar is an international lighting technologies company – serving customers in over 40 countries, specialising in energy efficient components and solutions for lighting and lighting control systems.

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