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New 120 W Constant Voltage LED Driver

Helvar launches a new 24 V LED driver with maximum 120 W power output in the Constant Voltage portfolio.

Helvar's Constant Voltage dimming solution consists of:

  • Constant Voltage LED driver
  • DALI extension unit
  • One or several 3rd party LED strips*

The DALI extension unit makes Helvar Constant Voltage LED drivers dimmable and DALI compatible. The extremely wide DALI dimming range (0.1%-100%) combined with higher PWM frequency (1 kHz) to reduce flickering light, offer superior dimming quality of the solution. The solution can be used to control flexible or custom format LED strips which provides flexibility in lighting design.

* Helvar doesn't produce Constant Voltage LED strips suitable for architectural lighting, these can be sourced from a 3rd party

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