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LEDesign® Mobile App - the right driver to the right light source

For support with LED drivers, Helvar offers now it’s LEDesign LED calculation tool also for iOS and Android mobile device users.


LEDesign for LED design

The regularly updated mobile application is easy to use online or offline. LEDesign is also available as a browser version at and for Windows® PC as a desktop version.

LEDesign is designed to help lighting specialists select the compatible control gear for any given LED light source* and compare the energy efficiency of the LED solution. The LEDesign tool automatically selects the compatible LED drivers from Helvar’s wide product range for any Helvar LED modules or, if needed, even for custom ones.

LEDesign shows the key electrical and photometrical parameters for the selected combination and indicates how close to the nominal values the current selection is operating, helping in finding the optimal solutions for your application. What’s more, the tool will also display relevant product information and an efficiency graph for the selected solution, showing how to find the optimal LED driver for each load.

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*) Helvar iC products are not currently included in LEDesign tool.

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