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ILLUSTRIS - feature rich user interface

ILLUSTRIS offers out-of-box control of standard DALI Type 6 dimmable, and DALI Type 8 colour temperature and full colour controllable lighting in human centric lighting applications.

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“ILLUSTRIS is a major step forward in Helvar lighting control,” says Nick Van Tromp, Helvar’s Product Manager. “It provides a modern, smart design that makes it the premium choice for contemporary interiors. It also features the same capacitive technology as many smartphones to offer touch-sensitive operation with Bluetooth connectivity to our SceneSet app which allows remote operation via a smartphone or tablet.”

ILLUSTRIS provides a versatile solution for applications such as office, education, healthcare, residential, office and hospitality. The premium choice for contemporary interiors, ILLUSTRIS not only provides an attractive and versatile solution, but a quick and easy installation to suit all requirements.

The clean, fresh lines and aesthetically attractive finish of ILLUSTRIS are complemented by a choice of different fascia graphic layouts, including a scene control panel, a full colour control panel, and a colour temperature control panel.

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