Helvar's Tunable White shows off The White Company

Helvar lights up the The White Company, one of the UK’s fastest growing multi-channel retailers.


The White Company’s new concept store in Norwich has been fitted with a series of Helvar 910 router system. The new system offers control over each individual luminaire to create a calm and welcoming ambience for customers over the course of the day, ideal when shopping for home wares. It also enables staff to highlight certain items of furniture around the store to coincide with promotions.

Having begun life as a 12-page mail order brochure, The White Company has become one of the UK’s fastest growing multi-channel retailers, with more than 50 UK stores. Company founder Chrissie Rucker created the firm in 1994 after struggling to find good quality white bed linen at a reasonable price.

The firm – who has been making elegant and stylish products, primarily in white, for more than 20 years – was seeking a holistic lighting system in alignment with their brand image.

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