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Helvar and Fagerhult develop personal, wireless lighting control solution together

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the lighting exactly the way you want it, a light that adapts to your needs and personal preferences? Now you can! You can create your own personal lighting solution, which mimics daylight, saves energy and energises you at the same time.


Lighting industry leaders Helvar and Fagerhult have worked together to create this easy to install and intuitive wireless lighting control solution. It uses the very latest in technology to provide lighting controls via your smartphone and/or other mobile devices.

Ideally suited to a personal office, conference room and activity area, providing a complete and personalised lighting control solution. You can create your own preferred lighting scene for your designated space, which is then automatically saved and wirelessly activated by your smart phone.

“e-Sense Tune is a wireless lighting control system that suits all applications where one user at a time is allowed to control the light and simultaneously effect other users lighting experience. Simplicity is key, you control the light with the device you already have, your smart phone. Once connected your preferred light will be delivered when you enter the room” says Daniel Unoson, Product and Application Manager at Fagerhult.

The wireless lighting control system automatically detects the presence of a Bluetooth-connected Apple or Android device, and then activates the user’s personal lighting preferences before they enter the room. Lighting is automatically switched off after the space is no longer occupied, without the need to rely on a motion sensor, providing additional energy saving. The Bluetooth connection will ensure that the lights stay on when occupied, to offer true presence detection.

“This new lighting control feature is a significant breakthrough in personalised lighting,” says Andrew Glossop, Product Manager, from Helvar. “As an integrated and intelligent wireless solution, we can now give people greater ownership with their lighting control enabling them to personalise their lighting space to suit their own needs. This simple to set up and configure solution will not only boost well-being and productivity but will also drive energy savings”

Fagerhult and Helvar will showcase this exciting new solution e-Sense Tune (freeDim) at the Nordic region's largest electricity industry show, Elfack in Gothenburg, Sweden on the 5th-8th May 2015 on stand F01:55.


Editors notes:

Helvar is Europe’s leading provider of energy saving lighting solutions. Its extensive range of products, including intelligent lighting controls, LED drivers, modules and ballasts, can be used as single components or combined into lighting systems to achieve excellent solutions for commercial and architectural environments. 

Helvar is an international lighting technologies company – serving customers in over 50 countries, specialising in energy efficient components and solutions for lighting and lighting control systems.


Fagerhult develops, produces and markets professional lighting solutions for public environments such as offices, schools, retail areas, industries and hospitals, indoor and outdoor. Our lighting knowledge, in combination with a wide range of innovative, energy efficient, environmental friendly lighting solutions, makes us a natural partner for the entire project.

Fagerhult is a part of the Fagerhult Group, one of Europe’s leading lighting groups, with about 2,300 employees and operations in over 20 countries around the world.


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