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Filtered hybrid dimming technology for better light quality

Helvar is proud to introduce a completely new dimming  technique for LED lighting. The state of art "filtered hybrid dimming" LED drivers allow safe, healthy, flicker-free dimming down to 1% meeting the IEEE 1789-2015 standard for high quality light output. 

Press Conference Studio

This unique performance  is ideal for applications that need the highest quality light even at the lowest dimming levels, for example TV studios or videoconferencing. Along with our hybrid dimming product range Helvar LED drivers are able to meet the needs for any smart lighting solution.

Helvar launches the first LED driver with the filtered hybrid dimming technology. In addition it has the following superior features:

LL1x80-CR-DA dimmable DALI-2 LED driver

Energy efficiency (max) 0.93
Standby power 0.3 W
Lifetime Up to 100,000 @ Tc 65 ºC
(or 50,000 h @ Tc max 75 ºC)
Max. UOUT 250V
Constant Lumen Output* YES
Suitable for emergency use YES
Current setting Programmable via DALI or with external resistors
* Constant Lumen Output (CLO): when the modules age, they lose their luminance. The driver can keep the lumen output constant through the whole life cycle of the luminaire.















Read more about filtered hybrid dimming
Download datasheet
Operating conditions
  • Voltage range (V): 198–264
  • DC range (V): 176–280
  • Max temperature at Tc point (°C): 85
  • Ambient temperature range: –20 °C ... +50 °C
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Lifetime (h): 50,000 (see more details in datasheet)
  • Max output power (W): 80
  • Output: Adjustable current
Iout 350 700
Uout 50–220 35–114
LED Modules
  • Luminaire classes: I, II
  • Suitable for emergency use
  • NTC
  • Load protection: Non-isolated
  • Intelligent features: Current setting by software, Constant Light Output (CLO), Data memory bank
  • Optional click-on strain relief for installation : LL1x2130-SR Click-on strain relief for LED drivers

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