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Expanding Helvar LED module offering

Helvar is introducing new products to its LED Module offering. The 560 mm long L-iC-562 is an addition to Tunable White iC Series and the completely new cost efficient LP Series comes in range of two module lengths and three colour temperatures.

New LP Series LED modules

Helvar's LED module offering expands with a cost efficient LP Series that allow flexibility within luminaire design.

Alongside Helvar’s existing high performance LS Series, the new linear LP Series LED module family offers high efficacy, accurate initial colour consistency (MacAdam 3-step) and homogenous light distribution for LED luminaires.

LP Series is available in 3000 K, 4000 K and 5000 K colour temperatures. With Zhaga compliant dimensions, designed for easy installation and series connection with Helvar’s highly efficient low-current LED drivers, the modular LP Series is an excellent choice for affordable, high performance LED lighting. For extra protection or diffusion of the light, the Helvar LMC LED Module Covers are a perfect fit for LP Series LED Modules.

Module LP-282 LP-562
Dimensions 280 x 24 x 6,2 mm 560 x 24 x 6,2 mm
Nominal current 350 mA 350 mA
Forward voltage * 17.5 V 34.9 V
Power consumption * 6.1 W 12.2 W
Luminous flux * 890 lm 1780 lm
Efficacy * 146 lm/W 146 lm/W
Colour variants 3000 K (830)
4000 K (840)
5000 K (850)
3000 K (830)
4000 K (840)
5000 K (850)
* at 350 mA, Tc = 65 ◦C

New lenght to iC Tunable White product range

Our new linear L-iC-562 LED module is a 560 mm long addition to our Tunable White colour temperature control product range.

The module has two individual LED channels that provide a dynamic colour temperature range from 2 700 to 6 500 K when operated with a Tunable White LED driver.

The module is a perfect match to Helvar's Tunable White iC series LED drivers and Helvar ILLUSTRIS panels which can be controlled with DALI Type 8 commands for colour temperature control. For extra protection, the Helvar LMC LED Module Cover Series is a perfect fit for iC LED Modules. Helvar’s iC range ensures easy colour temperature control creating the benefits of Human Centric Lighting.

Module L-iC-282 L-iC-562 *NEW*
Dimensions 280 x 24 x 6,2 mm 560 x 24 x 6,2 mm
Nominal current 450 mA 450 mA
Forward voltage * 14.9 V 30 V
Power consumption * 6.6 W 13.2 W
Luminous flux * 1025 lm  2050 lm
Efficacy * 155 lm/W 155 lm/W
Colour temperature Tunable White
2 700 K – 6 500 K
Tunable White
2 700 K – 6 500 K
* at 450 mA, Tc = 65 ◦C

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