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Enhanced hybrid dimming from Helvar

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New Helvar drivers have hybrid dimming capabilities which enable good quality light on 1% – 100% dimming levels.

The new Helvar hybrid dimming LED driver LL1x110-E-DA has enhanced dimming performance. On 20% – 100% range, current reduction dimming is used.

The PWM dimming on the 1% – 20% range has been improved. Now on the 10% – 20% range, the PWM frequency is 8 kHz, and on the 1% – 10% range, the frequency grows gradually from 1 kHz to 8 kHz. The technology ensures high quality of light in full dimming range of 1% – 100%.


Helvar launches new LL1x110-E-DA Dimmable DALI LED driver with enhanced hybrid dimming. In addition it has the following superior features:


Energy efficiency (max) 0.95
Standby power <0.5 W
Lifetime 55,000 h @ Tc max 75 ºC
(or > 100,000 h if the luminaire is designed to ensure that the Tc point temperature stays under 65 ºC)
Constant Lumen Output* YES
Current setting With a current setting resistor or through DALI channel**

* Constant Lumen Output (CLO): when the modules age, they lose their luminance. The driver can keep the lumen output constant through the whole life cycle of the luminaire.

** With Helvar 510 Serial interface, the driver can be connected to a PC running Helvar DALI configurator, to modify the driver's current settings

Download datasheet
Operating conditions
  • Voltage range (V): 198–264
  • DC range (V): 176–280
  • Max temperature at Tc point (°C): 85
  • Ambient temperature range: –20 °C ... +50 °C
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Lifetime (h): 55,000 (see more details in datasheet)
  • Max output power (W): 110
  • Output: Adjustable current
Iout 350 700
Uout 120–314 50–157
LED Modules
  • Luminaire classes: I, II
  • Suitable for emergency use
  • NTC
  • Load protection: Non-isolated
  • Intelligent features: Current setting by software, Constant Light Output (CLO), Data memory bank
  • Optional click-on strain relief for installation : LL1x2130-SR Click-on strain relief for LED drivers
510USB-DALI Interface

Quick and simple PC-to-DALI connection

  • Product family: DIGIDIM
  • Simple insertion into DIGIDIM modular panel ranges
  • Powered from DALI network
  • Standard mini-B USB connector
  • Black and white fascias included
Download datasheet

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