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Darc Awards Active +

Helvar’s Active+ self learning lighting control solution has been put forward for a Darc Award - Kit Category, Technology! Helvar’s Active+ is an out-of-the-box standalone self-learning control solution consisting of an LED driver and “our smallest sensor” yet, Active+ sense built into the luminaire.


By using 60-100 hours of automatic learning, on full lighting, Helvar’s new smart Active+ driver utilises the Active + sense which is connected directly to the luminaire. The Active+ driver and Active+ sense work together learning about the surrounding environment, detecting change in lighting conditions from other luminaires and light sources.

Active+ can also detect human presence. In areas with several luminaires, if the area becomes vacant and the lighting isn’t needed in the environment the Active+ driver and Active+ sense signals to the luminaire to go into daylight energy saving mode. It dims the light when presence is not detected near but does this smoothly so the change of lighting level doesn’t disturb other people sitting or working nearby.  In areas with windows energy is saved by daylight harvesting.

The Active+ functionality also prevents daylight sensors in luminaires in close proximity to each other from interacting and starting to malfunction (so called waving effect). Constant lumen output (CLO) functionality reduces initial over-illumination, and ensures that the light output level can be guaranteed during the whole life time of the LED module.

The Active+ driver and Active+ sense both fit into a luminaire, which can be installed as easily as a basic switching luminaire, having no physical or electrical connection to any other external lighting components such as control panels, dimmers or common sensors. The Active+ driver has an inbuilt power supply for the Active+ sensor which features a flat connection cable terminated with a keyed connector which enables total flexibility when mounting into the luminaire.
Luminaires fitted with Active+ self-learning control solution are ideal for refurbishment projects, as well as for new offices, corridors, open plan areas and storage areas. With an optional Active+ Mobile app, the end user can easily change the light levels of individual luminaires if the automatic setup needs fine-tuning.  Active+ self-learning lighting solution guarantees energy saving.

Darc Award Entry

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