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Active+ Stairway Function

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Never enter a dark corridor

Helvar is launching a very efficient and comfortable solution for stairway and corridor lighting.

Entering a stairway or corridor is safer and more comfortable when the lights are already switched on. With Helvar's Active+ Stairway Function, it is possible to have the spaces lit before the user enters without wasting energy.

Luminaires equipped with Helvar's Active+ Stairway Function detect movement, lighting the area when the user approaches, and dimming down after the user has passed the luminaire, never switching off completely. The luminaire stays in energy saving lighting mode until the next user enters the area.

Energy savings: The fast self-dimming enables maximum energy savings. Constant lumen output (CLO) functionality further increases the automatic energy savings over the life cycle of the luminaire.

Out-of-the-box functionality: Luminaires equipped with the Active+ Stairway Function require no extra wiring or configuration onsite. Once the luminaire is connected to the mains, it's ready to provide efficient and comfortable lighting to any corridor or stairway.

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