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405 DALI Repeater

Our new 405 DALI Repeater designed to extend a DALI subnet beyond the limit of 300 metres of cabling and 250mA current.

dali helvar repeater

This is the most common factor before reaching the 64 device limit, especially when using control devices such as sensors. The DALI repeater offers an alternative to adding additional routers by splitting the DALI subnet into multiple segments, allowing for more flexibility with the installation.

The 405 DALI Repeater is easy to install and comes complete with an integral DALI power supply. Available in a plastic enclosure with integral strain relief this makes the 405 DALI Repeater suitable for ceiling voids. The LED status indicators offer clear and precise diagnostics.

There is no filtering of messages as DALI messages are passed bi-directionally and are invisible to devices on the subnet, without using a DALI short address.

As with all Helvar control products, the 405 comes with a two-year warranty. 


For more information on the product :

Icon Product Bulletin (2.3 MB)
405DALI Repeater

Extends the line length and power limitations of a standard DALI installation

  • Product family: Imagine, DIGIDIM
  • Extends the maximum DALI line length from 300 m to 600 m and provides additional 250 mA current (DALI -OUT side)
  • DALI messages are unfiltered
  • Suitable for use as a DALI power supply
  • Includes strain relief for remote installation
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