Energy Efficiency

Lighting and Energy Efficiency

Helvar is the leading expert within the lighting industry specialising in energy efficient applications. Our systems guarantee innovative lighting solutions with clear and measurable energy-savings. Helvar solutions provide many opportunities to meet the growing energy efficiency needs in EU area.


Requirements and Possibilities in EU area





Target: to use energy more efficiently.
 Role as a forerunner is expected.

 To improve energy management

Energy efficiency plans, building renewal (public)   Energy management systems (EMS), Energy efficiency  agreement schemes, Energy audits and reviews,  Energy efficient procurement 

In energy audits it is important to  review energy-saving possibilities achieved through  lighting control


To improve energy management

Voluntary agreement schemes /  EMS’s Energy efficient  procurement

Using lighting control, clear savings can be made on total energy consumption


To reduce unnecessary energy use

National legislation / Guidance Energy efficient  procurement

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EU Energy Efficiency pages



Helvar offers several solutions for energy saving lighting:



20 % - 80 % energy saving for offices, schools, hospitals, industry, hotels. A scalable lighting control system that uses the international DALI standard and allows total lighting control. 

Helvar provides a unique lighting router system, which contains features that go beyond traditional solutions. With an intuitive graphical user interface, the network can be commissioned easily and without an in-depth DALI knowledge. Both luminaires and control devices can be addressed and configured between  the DALI subnets dynamically. Different groups and scenes can also be defined through the same graphical user interface. The end-user interface can provide control to everything from traditional wall switches to mobile phones, giving the end-user of the Helvar lighting system a good and intuitive experience. 

News: Updated DALI standard brings easy colour control and additional energy savings




20 % - 80 % energy saving for offices, schools, homes and all renovation projects. Simple, self-learning, intelligent, cost efficient,  stand-alone luminaire based energy saving solution.

Luminaires are equipped with a sensor which measures light level and movement. Intelligent luminaires use sensor data to optimise lighting conditions. For example, in small room containing only one luminaire, light will turn off quicker due to no movement. In a bigger room however, the light will stay on a high level in areas with higher traffic, in empty areas the light will continue to stay on but on lower level, keeping the room illuminated. Active+ luminaires do not need any configuration, with installation being the same as with the simpler on/off luminaires. However, if you want to select special dimming parameters, that can be done by using the free Android application. The Active+ solution offers good lighting and energy savings in easy way.

For more information, see
Helvar Active+ solution page



nightDim energy efficient_0.jpg

10 % - 70 % energy saving for parking area, garden, facade lighting, and other outdoor applicationsThe easiest way to control outdoor lighting. No cables, transmitters or receivers needed. 

Dimming levels or dimming rhythms are preprogrammed into the Nightdim luminaire. You can recall them by turning the lights on and then switching them off after X seconds (X depends on the scene you want to call). When a scene or dimming level is set, the luminaires then follow that settting until something else is selected. You can let your outdoor lighting work normally behind the manual switch, light sensor switch or clock switch and change the scene only when you need. For example, for a winter or summer scene.


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