2000 - 2010

Journey of Growth

In 2000, Helvar was the first in the world to introduce the slim electronic ballast range which was quickly adopted to become the industry standard.

During this period lighting electronics took a huge leap forward. A significant change was the shift from producing not only single components, but to produce complete systems to fill the needs of various lighting applications. During 2004 Helvar centralised its activities in Finland to Karkkila, while at the same time strengthening its market position.

The first decade of new millennium started in the worst possible way, but ended up in huge success. During the decade Helvar introduced energy-efficient ballasts, front-end control products and invested heavily in R&D.

In 2009 Helvar established a centralized warehouse to Frankfurt, Germany.


2000-2010-Legacy_EB_moving.jpg 2000-2010-Legacy_First_slim_ballasts-image2.jpg
The electronic ballast production line moving from Pitäjänmäki Helvar introduced the worlds first 21mm slim electronic ballasts



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