About Us

About Us

Intelligent and energy efficient lighting solutions

Helvar is a specialist in intelligent and energy efficient lighting solutions. Our extensive range of products, including lighting controls and luminaire components, can be used as single components or combined into lighting systems to achieve smart solutions. These solutions allow our customers to deliver not only vastly improved energy efficiency but enhanced human comfort, mood and productivity with lighting.

Energy-efficient and intelligent solutions in lighting

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Our luminaire component portfolio consists of LED drivers and modules, electronic and magnetic ballasts for fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps as well as sensors.

Helvar lighting systems offer lighting control and energy management solutions for commercial and architectural applications based on open systems technology. This facilitates integration with other building services. Helvar  lighting solutions are scalable to almost any size of installation or application. Helvar offers energy efficiency from single luminaire solutions up to lighting systems of complete buildings. Helvar takes seriously its responsibility to support overall sustainability targets and offers solutions to support green values in lighting.

Our product range is known for best-in-class reliability, compatibility and versatility. This extensive selection of advanced lighting components and systems helps our customers to implement energy efficiency, comfort and mood in lighting. As an independent and respected innovator in lighting sector, Helvar has the knowledge, products and solutions to help luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers make the right choices in the fast-changing lighting market.


Scope to serve worldwide

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Our sales offices and global partner network takes care of our customers in more than 40 countries.

Our headquarters are located in Finland, as are our luminaire component development and manufacturing. Our global competence centre for the lighting control systems business is based in the United Kingdom.

Providing the highest standard of service and support for its customers has been Helvar’s primary goal over the years. Helvar people are a mixture of experienced professionals and new talents with a genuine interest in the customer’s well-being. With this combination we are able to offer best-in-class service and support via our offices and valued partner network.

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