Intelligent lighting for single rooms

RoomSet’s designed for quick, easy configuration of repeatable spaces like classrooms and offices. And with a 331 Multisensor at its heart, it will also save plenty of energy.

Works out of the box

RoomSet automatically finds every addressable DIGIDIM switch, sensor and DALI luminaire. All of this happens like magic, when you first power on.


Download the app. Drag, drop, repeat

There’s no need to hook up a laptop. Just load the RoomSet app on an Android tablet. RoomSet configures through Bluetooth, with data stored in each 331 Multisensor. Room configuration is simply a case of drag and drop each piece to where you need it.

RoomSet App


Make a scene

It’s easy to configure — and reconfigure — with RoomSet. The drag-and-drop screen means there’s no need for training. Call up a pre-created template or save a new one. Duplication has never been simpler. It’s quick to share work on big projects. And to change when you need task-based lighting.


Fit for the future

RoomSet software updates itself wirelessly over the air. Just open the app and click on the prompt. That means extra functions install without training. So it’s intelligent and ready for anything, such as rule changes to energy efficiency.

Choose RoomSet Standard or RoomSet with Scenes


RoomSet Standard

Perfect for retrofit arrangements. Make use of a room’s existing wall panel with our DALI-compatible power supply and input unit.

331 Advanced Multisensor
+ 407 Compact DALI power supply
+ 444 Mini Input Unit

RoomSet with Scenes

Ideal for brand new installations — with a seven-button panel that’s perfect for setting room scenes.

331 Advanced Multisensor
+ 407 Compact DALI power supply
+ 135W wall panel
+ 230S panel frame kit

Key features

  • Excellent detection performance through high sensitivity and multidirectional coverage
  • Programmable constant light control for energy efficiency
  • A low 15 mA DALI current consumption
  • Easily incorporated into RoomSet system/app
  • Simple “Over the Air”system upgrades with RoomSet
  • Modern, compact and functional design

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