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iDim Orbit Feature Update

Helvar, the lighting intelligence expert, is pleased to announce an update on the room control solution iDim Orbit features. As of today, the sensor configuration is supported on IOS and Android operating systems.

The stand-alone iDim Orbit is a complete room lighting control solution in a single sensor. Any installer will benefit from the energy saving, control flexibility, ease of installation, and a simple set up.

The mobile app provides an easy and intuitive configuration, which saves time and money on the overall lighting control installation. The key app features are:

• Library of default settings for common applications such as schools or offices, enabling commissioning fast and easy - at the touch of a button;
• Customised application files are easily shared between app users to provide reliable replication of project specific settings across large sites;
• Real time clock with a scheduler.

More on iDim Orbit 

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