Constant voltage solution for decorative lighting

With a DALI extension unit, Helvar's constant voltage LED drivers can be used to create dimming solutions for indirect and decorative lighting.



Indirect/decorative lighting can be used to highlight architectural features and create/change atmosphere in a room. Indirect lighting eliminates unnecessary glare and enhances wellbeing.

Flexible lighting design. The constant voltage LED strips can be folded, and the length of the strip can be chosen. Several LED strips can be installed in the solution in parallel. The products are designed to fit easily to mounting.


Helvar's constant voltage LED drivers, listed below, can be used as normal ON/OFF drivers together with foldable LED strips for flexible design. Adding our LL1-CV-DA extension to the solution, creates a dimmable system which can also be connected to DALI network.

Great dimming quality. The extremely wide DALI dimming range (0.1%-100%) combined with higher PWM frequency (1 kHz) reduce flickering light. Very energy efficient. The products in solution have system standby power amongst the lowest on the market, as well as the high voltage (24 V) power supply that helps greatly to reduce power loss over the LED strips. Added safety. The DALI input of the LL1xCV-DA extension unit is mains rated and double isolated from the power input and load.

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