Active Stairway Function

Active Stairway Function

Very efficient and comfortable solution for stairway and corridor lighting.

Entering a stairway or corridor is safer and more comfortable when the lights are already switched on. With Helvar's Active+ solution it is possible to create a Stairway Function mode, where the space is lit prior to the user entering with minimal waste of energy.


How does it work?

Luminaires equipped with Helvar's Active in Stairway Function mode detect movement, brightening the light when the user approaches, and dimming down after the user has passed the luminaire, still never switching off completely. The luminaire stays in energy saving lighting mode until the next user enters the area.

Energy savings

The fast self-dimming maximising the energy savings when no occupancy detected. Constant lumen output (CLO) functionality further increases the automatic energy savings over the life cycle of the luminaire.

Parameter setting

Simply use a mobile app to set the transition time to external and the energy saving level as low as needed to achieve a Stairway Function for the chosen luminaires. Quick and easy setting.


Components needed in each luminaire

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Active LED driver
Intelligently dimmable LED driver with inbuilt power supply and sensor interface.

Active+ Sense
Extremely small and capable sensor including cable to connect to the control unit.

Mobile apps
In the Active+ solutions, the stairway function can be activated by using the Active+ Mobile App. The app can also be used for optional fine-tuning of the parameters.

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