Statoil Headquarters — the five elements


Statoil Headquarters — the five elements

Fornebu, Norway

Statoil is an international energy company with operations in 36 countries around the world. Having approximately 21,000 employees worldwide and being listed on the New York and Oslo stock exchanges, in 2010 Statoil was ranked by Fortune Magazine as the world’s 13th largest oil and gas company, and the largest company in the Nordic region by revenue, profit, and market capitalization.

In October 2012 Statoil moved their headquarters into a brand new office building at Fornebu, a city close to Oslo in Norway. The stunning architecture was inspired by the classic game called “Mikado”, which is clearly reflected in the playful design by A-lab Architects.

The building is almost 70,000m2 and will house 2,500 employees in its nine floors and five different wings; the «Five Elements». The building is built and owned by IT Fornebu, who rents the complete building to Statoil. With its stunning architecture and unique technical solutions, the building was a landmark in Fornebu long before it was completed.

Helvar System Partner in Norway, Vanpee Norge AS, in cooperation with luminaire manufacturer Fagerhult, have provided the lighting control to the entire building. The new office is one of the largest projects in Norway where Vanpee AS has supplied Helvar DALI lighting control. Overall the building houses almost 7000 Helvar DALI components ranging from the DIGIDIM 910 routers to components that control ventilation.


Statoil is known to be very committed to its art programme strategy. Part of the basic elements of the new office building was to offer various artists a possibility to create inspiring and stimulating work environments.

One of the most distinguishable elements is the main entrance, emphasized with an artistic installation by a Swiss artist, Pipilotti Rist. The installation is a video displayed on LED-screens surrounded by backlit, coloured canvas. The LED backlights are controlled by Helvar 910 routers combined with daylight sensors. To ensure the installation is clearly visible even in bright sunshine, the installation will increase its brightness according to the outside light level.


One of the most important requirements was energy efficiency, being the ultimate driver for the entire DALI system in the building. In addition to the energy efficient lighting components from Helvar, further energy saving opportunities were achieved by the skilful and elaborate programming by Vanpee.

The system houses thousands of sensors around the building to ensure users have adequate lighting and ventilation at all times. More reductions in electricity consumption are gained with presence/absence detection; the intelligent lighting system will turn both lighting and ventilation off after the employees leave their work places.

Besides the overall improvements in comfort and safety for the employees, the great emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions and the lowest possible energy consumption are expected to significantly lower the operation and maintenance costs compared to previous arrangements where Statoil rented offices in the Oslo region. The building and its lighting system is designed to be future proof as well: flexible and sustainable.

TEXT: Sven Christian Nordlund / Vanpee Norge AS, IMAGES: Doan Dominico Mortensen Nguyen

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