“There are 31 Helvar multisensors in total spanning the substantial five bedroom property. Each one incorporates a constant light and PIR sensor to fulfil two key aspects of the lighting management; our brief outlined a desire for the home to omit no waste and the sensors proactively adjust lighting levels to achieve the architect, Larock’s wishes.” Kris Hogg Managing Director - Konnectiv Technology


Smarthome installer, Konnectiv Technology, was set the task of installing a cutting-edge control system that would work to proactively lower the carbon footprint of this striking family home in Harrogate. Building upon the contemporary home design is Konnectiv’s equally modern solution which features a range of Helvar lighting products and sensors that work towards significant savings in energy consumption.


Konnectiv installed a whole-home lighting control system, including thirty one Helvar multi-sensors; each one incorporates a constant light and PIR sensor to fulfil two key aspects of the lighting management.

Firstly, the PIR sensors work on an absence/presence basis. If a room is vacated and the lights left on, the multisensors will recognise this and automatically generate a command to disengage the light in that room.

Also, the constant light aspect feeds back the real-time lumen levels of each zone to the central control processor. If lumens exceed par, then the system will automatically correct itself to minimise energy draw, similarly, if the room darkens the light level will increase.

Where this system really hits its stride is in the westerly facing rooms. Across the glass fronts, the system communicates between the Helvar sensors, blinds and an astronomical clock. If thermal gain fluctuates, the blinds begin to open/close to regulate the temperature and, in turn, the light sensors speak to the processor to adjust the level of light within the room.

As energy efficient systems become more accessible to the residential market, the Helvar kit at 1.Zero.4 hints at what the future holds, for not just the modern smarthome, but all homes in the future.

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