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Introducing new LED driver platforms

Helvar is proud to introduce two completely new LED driver platforms, expanding our luminaire component portfolio to cover large variety of lighting applications.

Helvar’s 97 years of strong expertise, specializing in electrical and software designs, results in drivers that are created fully based on our customers’ requests and needs, supporting Helvar’s strategy of customer focused product development philosophy.

These series include DALI-2 controllable drivers with new high quality dimming technology all the way down to 1 %, Switch-Control and switchable (ON/OFF) drivers.  To support quick and easy wireless set up, these drivers will support various current setting options. The light output is the highest quality with extra low flicker/ripple. First products are now released to sales and both ranges will replenish during 2018.


This new high efficient, non-isolated range results highest energy efficiency, offering various drivers from 35W to 65W with wide operational windows. The HE Series consists of two different linear mechanical profiles, introducing the new SLIM mechanics with 16 mm height metal case driver. Last but not least, most of the HE Series products have a 250V limit for maximum output voltage to ensure perfect compatibility with the latest LED modules on the market.

The first HE Series products are 35 W and 65 W constant current drivers with max Uout of 250V:


SE for SELV < 60 V protection

The Helvar product offering of SELV60 protected drivers is going to multiply with the new SE Series products. These drivers come in plastic compact and linear metal case, power options ranging up to 51 W with wide operational windows. For the first time, Helvar launches the “LOOP”: Mechanics for compact drivers designed for independent installation. LOOP enables a loop-through wiring option for mains and DALI, improving fast, accurate and easy installation and leaving a lot of space for electricians to wire. The LOOP mechanics comes in two alternatives: integrated screwless strain reliefs, and a click-on strain relief with or without LOOP connectors. These alternatives give more installation freedom and versatile usage possibilities for one driver mechanics. 

The first SE Series product is a 45 W compact driver and the LC-SRA strain relief, quickly followed by the first LOOP drivers during this spring:

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