458/SW88 × 16 A Switching Module
  • Product family: Imagine, DIGIDIM, RoomSet
  • Mounting: Plugs into any 458 mechanical chassis
  • Number of channels: 8
  • Max load / channel (A): 16
  • Universal power supply
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  • Non-latching
  • 8 Individually programmable relays, normally open and volt-free
  • High-inrush specification relays
  • Manual configuration via LED display and push buttons
  • Accepts options module 458/OPT4
  • DALI
  • S-DIM
  • DMX
  • Manual wired override input
  • Power supply rating: 85 VAC – 264 VAC (absolute) 45 Hz – 65 Hz
  • DALI power consumption (mA): 2
  • Control circuit protection: 6 A Type C MCB
  • Dimensions: 360 mm × 105 mm × 170 mm
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Relay Units

For controlling switched loads such as curtains, non-dimmable luminaires and various non-lighting devices Helvar offers a full range of relay units.

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