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Helvar opens Stockholm Experience Center

Helvar celebrated the grand opening of its new Stockholm Experience Center in late October.


The center is a dedicated show space and technology demonstration facility which brings to life the significant capabilities presented by low energy, human centric lighting in energising interior environments.

“We are delighted to welcome clients, designers, specifiers and installers to experience and engage with Helvar as never before,” comments Lars Wilsson, Head of Sales Sweden. “This beautifully designed showroom allows visitors to appreciate the benefits of intelligent lighting control in dynamic, real-world settings. Our investment will prove a fantastic asset to Helvar customers and the lighting industry at large in Sweden.”

The official opening took place on Wednesday 18th October with more than 100 lighting designers, consultants, manufacturers and contractors joining Helvar for the event.  Within Helvar’s Stockholm Experience Center, they were able to see state-of-the-art, energy efficient lighting control in four dedicated application areas: Office, Healthcare, Education and Industry. These demonstration facilities enabled visitors to interact a with different Helvar technologies and visualise the impact and advantages benefits of an integrated control solution.

One of the key innovations on show in Stockholm is Helvar’s ground-breaking ILLUSTRIS technology. Through an intuitive interface, ILLUSTRIS can deliver energy-saving, human-centric lighting into multiple environments to improve occupant comfort, motivation and productivity. It features a touch-sensitive colour temperature wheel for in-room control, but offers the flexibility for remote operation and scene adjustment through the Helvar SceneSet app or as part of a networked control system.

Helvar also showcases the advantages of its Light Over Time software technology which can create dynamic lighting profiles to support wellbeing, performance and alertness in a variety of different applications. Visitors can also experience the extent and variety of Helvar’s range from simple stand-alone switching solutions to full lighting control management systems.

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