The success story continues

Today, Helvar is one of Europe’s most significant companies in its field being able to combine expertise in ballasts and lighting control in a unique way, due to its ambition to produce innovative sustainable products and solutions.


Focus on customers, continuous investment in product development, partners in Asia and successful supply chain management have enhanced Helvar’s strong growth.

Helvar has proven to be the trusted partner for luminaire manufacturers who want to develop with the times and offer their customers products and concepts to meet the growing demand of energy efficient high quality lighting also in the future. Helvar has its own sales offices and tens of representatives all over the world.

Its headquarters are located in Finland, as are the company’s luminaire component development and own manufacturing operations. The lighting system competence centre is located in London.




Internationality and exports have been the cornerstones of Helvar since the very beginning, and 97 % of today’s sales are outside Finland .

In spite of impressive growth and technological development, the company still has its original “Helvar spirit” – strong local pride, customer closeness, hardworking attitude and first class industrial know-how.

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