TV, the new technology

In the 1950s, a ground-breaking new technology, television, changed both the industry and its demands. The first television broadcast in Finland was in 1956. Helvar quickly adapted to the new technology and got involved in the rapidly growing production of TV sets. Soon television sets became the company’s main production item. 

Helvar fair stand in 1950 - "Dim the light for every situation" 1969

In 1966, Helvar began production of lighting control components, later expanding to include lighting control systems for theatres and conference spaces.

In 1968 Helvar stopped making radio and television sets, while still continuing the marketing business in this line.

At this time there were radical changes in the company’s production. It meant passing from the traditional entertainment production line to the production of only electrical equipment.

The production still included ballasts, contactors and now also light dimmers.

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